Are Introverts Better Innovators?

A good orator is often the man whose ideas are taken up in a meeting. He shares and convinces everyone with his idea, and therefore generates more confidence. On the other hand, appreciating an introvert becomes really difficult, when you as the team head, need opinions being thrown to you for considerations. But that doesn’t mean that your introvert is not equally creative than the charming extrovert, who just sold his viewpoint to the whole team.

Introverts are drained in a socially active environment and are sustained in solitary ones. It is imperative to harness their intellect as they are likely to be the best listeners during a brainstorming session. Due to their tendency to lie back, observe and listen, they might be the thought bank of the group. If you are apprehensive about letting a big responsibility on an introvert for the first time, rest assured that at least his introversion won’t hamper his output.

They give better results when left to think in solitude. But in a team, if you want to harness the full creative spark of an introvert, give them a conducive environment. Even though a team is not always chosen according to a person’s preference, but different team-mates tends to bring out different responses in an introvert. If there are people who speak even less than him, he might have to take the conversation thread in his hands.

P.S. There are after all perks of being a wallflower!