Is There Any ‘New Idea’ Left??

We, as humans are always striving to be best amongst ourselves. In today’s market, which has been flooded with products and services, one has to be creative and interesting enough to capture the consumer’s eye. There is always this pressure to come up with new ideas be it in form of marketing strategies or products/services.

There is a dearth of ideas. The concept of curation is legalised enough to let you create a seemingly new dish with the same old ingredients, maybe a little different flavour.

The possibility of giving something truly original seems too far-fetched. Those same ideas circulating over and over again sometimes makes me think that we may have exhausted all our resources and the ‘eureka idea’ is all fiction. This is quite a pessimistic thought, I agree. But then, considering the new and hit ideas today- how long do they last? It is just a matter of months and sometimes weeks when an equally sensational piece grabs public attention. The ideas lack that retention power to hold onto public imagination and be truly attractive and effective enough to appeal.

Well, some would attribute it to the rapid pace of technological advancement, and rightly so. Taken. But again I would ask them, has there been anything more captivating than the idea of materialising a time machine? And that idea is not new. I remember reading about it in H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

However pessimistic and critical it may sound but we really need to ask ourselves- have we reached a dead end, a saturation level? Because admitting that may be the first step to acknowledging human limits.

P.S. By the way, Plato’s theory of ideas already claims that no idea is completely unique or new. All that there is, is already present in domain of ideas. And I thought writing this was a truly original idea!